SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
I see the landscape as a continually changing testament of/to life. As a landscape architect and artist I am particularly interested in the formation of landscapes and the stories that lie behind their formation. These stories often tell an interesting tale of the inter-relationships between human beings, other organisms (such as plants and animals) and the landscape.

When I interact with a landscape I always try to read these stories. And when it comes to re-shaping the landscape I aim to add another chapter to the story.

In recent years my work has often been inspired by the local ecology of a site, in itself a shaping process, and how human beings have adapted it/to it to suit their needs. It is in this interplay of two shaping forces I try to place my work to create a different type of balance between landscape and human activity, where they can act as equal partners in the shaping of our world.

© Sarah Foque 2013