SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
Major Design Project PGdip, 2009

This project focussed on Queen Square, an under-used public space in the centre of Leeds. A new design method was applied to the site, named Rolling Design. Rolling design is a new approach towards urban design and landscape architecture. It combines events with gradual design interventions in order to improve and re-ignite a site as a true public space. A true public space being a space where people dwell and interact with one another. Furthermore the positive effect of this re-ignition will spread beyond the site boundaries opening the door for new rolling design locations.
The project incorporated a feasibility study, a master planning stage and detail design. Within the master planning stage a time-line was being developed, which showed the implementation of events and gradual design changes in relation to time. This highlighted the positive chain-reaction rolling design could cause and how it could spread through a city. The design interventions were based on the concept of ‘green city of the future’.

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