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SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
FORT BIJ HEEMSTEDE - Historic Fort Restoration
This project entailed the re-envisioning of a historic fort as a youth play area. The fort is part of the UNESCO protected 'Stelling of Amsterdam' and consists of some unique features: 2 dykes, a dry ditch and little concrete bunkers. During the 1970's, 1/3 of the terrain was re-developed as a business park and subsequently left the SW side scarred. The new design offered a solution for this scar by creating a planted edge. The planting was extended along the North-West edge providing protection against a busy road. The landforms were seeded with lawns, revealing their crisp form. All across the terrain sways of wildflowers with mowed lawn paths were installed. In the central fort area an oval lawn was created for different uses. At the back of this oval the intention was to construct a climbing tower made out of concrete to match the little bunkers. At the other side of the oval space a curved bench was installed allowing views over the fort, but also over the Ringvaart. Across the site, climbing trees were planted providing natural play elements. The East side of the terrain had a wetter character and through this swampy area an adventurous stepping stone path was installed.
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