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SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
WIJKPARK OVERBOS - Park Regeneration Project
This project entailed the regeneration of the main neighbourhood park in Overbos, Hoofddorp. The design process did not only include the actual design but also fundraising and the community consultation process. The first phase of this project was built in autumn 2010.

The design of this phase entailed the following elements:
- The hub of the park was constructed and created a new point of attraction aimed at keeping people in the park. It was located on the intersection of important routes through the park.
- Open tree squares were installed to highlight the entrances and reconnect park and neighbourhood.
- Open space was created for diverse uses.
- The 2nd largest water area was opened up to reconnect water, park & neighbourhood
- Furthermore lanes and pathways were created or opened up to improve safety. The path network was simplified to improve the logic of the park. The pathways were re-surfaced to create a difference between resting places and routes.

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