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SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
PER ANNUM - Site Life Competition Entry
We live in a current climate of instability.

This design aimed to provide a counterpoint to these constantly shifting powers by creating evocative, iconic and grounded snapshots of cyclical seasonal processes. The materials used within the design would have had a lifespan of a year. The planting scheme consisted of annuals and bulbs, creating bold and stark lines of colours across the site which would have reached their peaks at various times covering a year. The back line would have reached its climax in late winter, while the front line would have come to fruition in late autumn, essentially pushing the planting forward throughout the year. The height of the plants would have followed the curve of the seasonal changes, with the tallest plants in summer. Sowing/planting of the plants would have happened throughout the year. The site would have been fully open to the public. Through the planting beds 2 paths would have run leading to the band with meadow planting in which kids could have played freely. Within the meadow band seating pods would have been located.

© Sarah Foque 2013