SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
This project came about in response to the competition brief for the 2013 Hortillonnages Art, Ville et Paysage Garden Festival in Amiens, France. The submission, Floating Delights, responded to the brief on 3 levels. Firstly it aimed to protect the island against erosion by using native planting to enforce the banks of the island. Secondly, Active local community engagement was encouraged through the process of building the garden in order to help progress the conservation of the Hortillonnages: the key building material, plastic bottles, was collected from the local community. Lastly, this project devised a new type of agriculture more attuned to its environment and makes use of waste as a building material.

The garden consists of a pond with floating planters: these planters gained their buoyancy from the plastic bottles collected from the community. They were planted with edible aquatic and marshland planting that draws their nutrients from the water, simultaneously providing food while also purifying the water. The planters can be reeled in through a pulley system so the plants can be harvested.

© Sarah Foque 2013