SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
Project developed as part of Derek Carter Associates

As part of the restoration of the complete park, the historic top terrace was being redesigned. Originally the terrace was designed as a lavender garden with 2 small pavilions on either side of the terrace located in the curved hedge sections. A key feature of the garden was the views it offered of Berwick Law. When the design process started the lavender garden and its pavilions had long disappeared and had been replaced by a failing rose garden.

The new design aimed to bring back some of the essential characteristics of the historic garden in a contemporary style. The views of Berwick Law formed the key driver for the new design and were highlighted by the new path work network and lines of standing stones. The new planting scheme brought back the waves of lavender. The design was completed by new seating elements where the original pavilions once stood

The park opened in July 2008

© Sarah Foque 2013