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SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
10 MADEIRE AVENUE - Private Garden, London, UK
For this porject I developed a concept strategy based on the strong light and darkness qualities of the existing planting, the well-defined sloping topography of the site and the building concept of 2 water and fire axes.
Through clearing existing vegetation, subtle re-modelling of the existing landform and adding definition to the edges, distinct spaces were envisioned. Each space fulfilled a specific function which linked to a complimentary interior function within the house, e.g. the outdoor dining area is located next to the main living area and kitchen.
The proposed planting strategy took its cue from the water and fire concept of the building and uses red leaved and white and blue flowering plants to respectively represent water and fire. Red Japanese maples will provide interest on the sloping banks leading up to the house. White flowering rhododendrons will help to define and add interest to the woodland edges, while white flowering magnolias provide dramatic endings to the visual axes across the site, connecting interior and exterior spaces in a seamless manner.
© Sarah Foque 2013