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SARAH FOQUE - Artist/Landscape Architect
OOSTEND'S FOOD PARK - Groen Lint Master class 2014
Project in collaboration with J. Heyvaert, M. Boudry & J.-J. Lobbes

This project was the result of a 7 day master class hosted by the city of Oostend to explore the potential of a grassland area along the green ribbon (groen lint) cycle and pedestrian network as a food park named the Hortillonnages.
The proposed design took its cues from the existing topography with its creeks, gullies and channels. Currently a polder water system is implemented on site with a low winter level and high summer level. This will be changed in favour of a more natural system with high winter level and low summer level. To strengthen the topography and maintain the buffer capacity of some water edges will be re-modelled to create shallow banks.
This topography of soft sloping banks, low lying marshlands and new bodies of water is used for riparian agriculture. By shifting the majority of the production system on to the banks, ponds and low lying marshlands, allowing the creek ridges to be used for more conventional park functions e.g. playing and relaxing.

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